A single order includes 1 order of herbs 

Vaginal Steaming, also known as "Yoni Steaming," has been practiced around the world for centuries. Allowing women to heal and maintain their wombs naturally by using Earth's elements: heat, water, and herbs. 

This herbal mixture includes all USDA certified organic herbs including:
🌻 Calendula 
• Aids in healing scar tissue, tears, and hemorrhoids
• Anti-inflammatory
• Eases PMS symptoms such as bloating
• Used often for postpartum healing
• Aids in menopause transition by easing hot flashes
🏵️ Chamomile
• Helps to balance the menstrual cycle
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antispasmodic
• Reduces PMS symptoms such as cramps
💮 Dong Quai
• Helps to balance hormones
• Aids in menstrual cycle regulation 
• Allows for a boost in libido
• Detoxes the blood
• Helps to increase fertility by cleansing the uterus
• Reduces PMS symptoms such as headaches, cramps, anxiety, and bloating
• Helps increase vaginal lubrication
💜 Lavender
• Aromatherapy 
• Aids in relaxation, better sleep, and anxiety
• Antibacterial and antimicrobial to fight against infections
• Promotes menstruation
• Reduces bloating from PMS
🌿 Mugwort 
• Helps to fight against abnormalities in the womb such as ulcers or free radicals and toxins known to cause cancer
• Increases blood circulation, decreasing stagnation
• Anti-fungal properties
• Stimulates and promotes balanced hormones
• Aids in menopause transition
• Soothes post miscarriage trauma
• Eases PMS symptoms
• Maintains uterine health
🌹 Rose petals
• Relieves PMS pain
• Cooling properties help aid in menopause transition
• Anti-inflammatory
• Soothes UTI symptoms 
• Astringent for vaginal tissues
• Increases relaxation
• Boosts immune system
🌱 Rosemary 
• Used for postpartum healing
• Increases blood circulation
• Antimicrobial properties help to fight against infections
• Fights yeast infections
• Aids in healing scars, tears or wounds of vaginal tissue
• Helps to fight against free radicals cells that may cause cancer
🌼 Yarrow
• Used in postpartum healing
• Helps to cleanse and tone the uterus
• Aids to heal cysts
• Antibacterial
• Astringent to vaginal tissues
• Promotes menstrual regulation

Benefits of Yoni Steaming MAY include:
✔️ Menstrual cycle regulation
✔️ Reduction of old blood released during each cycle such as black, brown or dark red blood
✔️ Regulation of pH balance
✔️ Reduction of vaginal odor
✔️ A decrease in PMS symptoms such as cramps, sore breasts, and bloating
✔️ Increased chances of fertility by unblocking fallopian tubes and removing old residue from the uterine wall which may allow the egg to transition & attach more smoothly
✔️ Balanced hormones
✔️ Postpartum healing
✔️ Miscarriage support
✔️ Prolapse support
✔️ Hysterectomy support
✔️ Toning and strengthening of the uterine and vaginal walls
✔️ Smoother menopause transition
✔️ Treating cysts, fibroids, PID, PCOS, and endometriosis
✔️ Assisting in healing yeast and other vaginal infections
✔️ Treating UTI's and hemorrhoids
✔️ Increased libido and vaginal lubrication
✔️ Reduced stress, headaches & better sleep
✔️ Weight loss

- For general use and maintenance, using Âź cup of herbs is recommended per steam. 
- For advanced reproductive problems, such as cysts, using ½ to 1 full cup of herbs is recommended per steam. 
- Steam one to two times per week, before and after the menstrual cycle.

• Do not steam if you are pregnant.
• Do not steam if you are on your period or during a miscarriage. 
• Steaming should be avoided after ovulation if you are trying to conceive.
• If you have endometriosis, steam for only 10 minutes
• If you have a yeast infection or BV only steam for 10 minutes
• Do not steam with implanted contraceptives, such as an IUD. 
• Do not steam with open wounds, sores, or blisters. 
• Avoid using essential oils mixed with the herbs as they may be too potent for sensitive skin. 
• Take out any piercings that the steam is in contact with, to avoid burning. 
• Consult a doctor if irritation occurs and discontinue using the product.

♻️ Please recycle packaging ♻️

⚠️ **Although there have been cases where yoni steaming has been beneficial for one or more of symptoms listed above, it has not been scientifically proven or evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. **⚠️

Yoni Steaming can be uncomfortable when hovering over a steaming pot for too long. 

Yoni Steam Seat Benefits:
• Steam comfortably in your home 🏡
• Convenient for travel 🧳
• Fits most toilet seats 🚽
• Easy storage 🗃️
• Quick disposal of water with a ventilation system 💧
• Ensures thorough steam sessions with little room for the steam to escape ♨️
• Doubles as a sitz bath soak for issues such as hemorrhoids, perineal tears, cysts, surgeries, fissures, and more. 😌


Yoni Steamers (2 sessions)